This orthographic mosaic photo covers 47 acres and was constructed using 231 individual high resolution images that were processed and combined to make one very large, high resolution image.  The image capture process took only 20 minutes and the final product, after processing, was available the same day.  The image in it’s full resolution is 20 times larger than the one you see here.  It is a great way to quickly get detailed imagery of a large with resolutions in the area of 1-4 inches per pixel.  This is compared to Google Maps outdated images that are generally 3 feet per pixel resolution.

This image is an elevation differential map.  It shows the different contours of the landscape and was created with the same images used for the photo above, where red shades are higher and blue tones are lower elevation.  Ideal uses for this type of image include identifying flood-prone areas and obtaining general landscape contours of a property.