Here’s a video we produced for HD Endzone Cam.  It features a smooth fly-in to the featured product and aerial views of their new camera rig.  We included energetic music and featured actual footage from the camera setup being displayed.

We worked with local farmers to capture some great shots during the harvest of 2015.  These unique angles display how fluid and agile our remote controlled aircraft are.  The results are a steady and smooth shot.

Our equipment and flying skills were pushed to the limits during the filming of this promotional video.  There’s simply no other way to get these shots unless you have the right equipment and piloting skills.  Give your potential customers and clients a new view on your product and services.

This video demonstrates the ability to perform an external structure inspection.  Keep in mind, you will have a live view of the video on the ground as it’s being recorded.  This allows us to get the exact shot you are looking for.  From a broad overview to extreme detail, the ideal view is within reach.